Failing Fear

A question I ask my self many times throughout my life. What is stopping me?  One of the biggest hinderance of following our dreams is fear.


Fear  is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

The danger we are so afraid of is failure. The ability to let what others think of us dictate how we move in the world. What is the worst that can happen with taking a leap in your destiny?  I saw a video from Jay Morrison that talked about being afraid of something that has not yet happened. I am horrible at hyping myself about a situation that wasnt in my future for pain. We have learned from birth you are to stay away from hurtful things. As young adults and mature adults any risk that could seem harmful or hurtful we steer clear of. But, what if we didn't look at this as fear what if this was a opportunity. A opportunity to learn what we are really made of. I always tell my daughters if you don't try you never learn. In most cases I use fear to drive me. Lord knows I have so much room to grow because as most people I hold the fullest potential of me back because of fear. Let use working out . Fear stops a lot of people from starting a new workout. Its even worse when you are working with a trainer. Most people come to me and say "Paula I'm not ready for your workout". I'm always puzzled. Why don't you want to be challenged? Who doesn't want to be pushed? If you have the absolute right person to motivate you and see your potential why be scared. Furthermore when are we ever ready for anything. Close your eyes and image what it would be like if you just trusted your failure. If you turned that fear into your push. Have you ever thought about what happened to that fear when you succeed? What is more motivating them being the motivator. When you can turn to someone and say look at me now. I was also sacred.